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The Scales


The symbol for Libra is The Scales. The Scales as a symbol represents a setting Sun balanced between night and day. It is the only astrology symbol not represented by an animal or person. It signifies a balanced approach to life, and is suited to the life attitude of those born under Libra. The Scales reflect harmony, partnerships, fairness, popularity, and beauty!

According to Roman legend, the constellation Libra was named after Aestraea, their Goddess of Justice. Ancient Hebrews considered these stars as a sign of balance, whilst the ancient Persians believed the Angel Rashnu worked alongside Mithras, and weighed the dead souls at the Bridge of Fate. Ancient Tibetans would weigh the good and bad acts of an individual with black and white pebbles. The Scales have also been recognized in the Koran. Christians believed that Saint Michael held the Scales of the last Judgment, often depicted upon their gravesites.

As the ancient Egyptian legend goes, Libra was revered as Maat, the Eye of the Universe and Goddess of Cosmic Order. She was the loved daughter of Ra, and also the wife of Thoth. She was associated with the principles of The Sun, from its radiant warmth, to its violent and destructive flames. It was understood that many other Egyptian Gods relished her presence for the wisdom she gave to them. She was considered as one of the Judges of the Dead, often portrayed as carrying a sword, and wearing a feather in her hair as symbols of justice and truth.

Another Egyptian legend associates Libra with Anubis, the Lord of the Dead, who used scales to weigh the dead souls, in order to prioritize which ones had done good things whilst on Earth. Souls deemed worthy were sent to the Kingdom of Osiris, which was considered a heavenly place. The symbolic meaning of his scales signified final judgment. He was seen to wear the head of a jackal, and also governed the wrapping of Mummies.

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The Titans and Greeks held their own belief in Themis, the Goddess of Divine Justice & Law, and the daughter of Gaia and Zeus. Themis was understood to be the mother of Hours, Seasons and the Three Fates, who decided upon the destiny of mortal souls. She was seen as a Prophesy of extreme greatness, and her oracles were aimed at restoring order and peace, with a great respect for nature. Themis was often portrayed as holding a set of scales, with a sword in the other hand and wearing a blindfold. The Greeks also held the belief that their God, Cronus, measured human life on his scales, and was seen as the final judge and executioner. It was also suggested that the Greeks stole some of Libra's stars to represent the claws of Scorpius in the adjacent constellation.


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