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The Sign of Inspiration

Creative ... Truthful ... Tender ... Resourceful


Scorpio represents the extremes within emotions! The Scorpion symbolizes vulnerability and instinct! Water signifies deep and endless emotions, and Pluto and Mars represent creativity and courage! This water sign does not do things by halves. Scorpio’s enthusiasm and dedication when in full flight can be ultimately inspirational! Scorpio is also a very sensitive and passionate sign! Still waters run very deep within their spirit!

A Scorpio’s reality can be tough at times, but they have an uncanny ability to bounce back. This is one of the reasons Scorpios make for fabulous friends. They have most likely had many highs and lows in their own life, so they easily associate with those experiencing tough times. They can be as solid as a rock when the chips are down, and they are totally supportive toward those they love and care for!

Scorpio’s do not miss a trick and they never forget! If you happen to upset one (or their close friends or loved ones) you may have pushed your luck too far. Rectifying a wrong doing is a fair thing to do in their book, and they have no problem being brave! They are protective after all and they will react if seriously threatened! They are  compassionate by nature however, so it takes an awful lot for them to bother!

A clever Scorpio will walk away from any small time scenario not worth their while. Their patience brings knowledge and people love to confide in them. They just keep storing the data as it pours in. Scorpios actually have a fantastic composure and know how to work a room, and they love to let their hair down! Crazy times often accompany a happy Scorpio!

Scorpio’s are energetic, capable and adaptable to many life paths. However, they can often procrastinate and battle with their own self control, not to mention authority figures! Given their insight, they really do not need to carry any burdens at all. Upon deciding their future, it is only a matter of time until they succeed. Their determination and drive is second to none when they are passionate for a worthwhile cause!

When all is calm with them, Scorpios make great partners, supportive friends, and even better lovers. Their intense passion for life and love takes us to places we could never go without them. Being considered the sexiest sign is not always the easiest thing for them to live up to either, for they seek a true and intense emotional connection with partners. This is one very deep and emotional water sign! What you see is what you get!

Scorpios shine brightest with Good Karma when they are creative, truthful, tender and resourceful!

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