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The Sign of Freedom

Seductive ... Objective ... Affectionate ... Quirky


Gemini represents an exploratory and innovative choice! The Twins symbolize a close loving union. Air signifies an infinite and universal hope and Mercury is the planet of versatility! Gemini’s are clever, efficient and independent. Gemini is one very charming and intellectual air sign!

Gemini’s are gifted communicators who love travel and people. They are naturally creative and easily blend into new environments. They are gifted with their use of language, and can be extremely creative with their stories. Gemini’s can also be revolutionary in their thought and actions. They seem to love a challenge and make great problem solvers! No matter what it may take, solutions to dilemmas will be found!

Even though they may possess a high intellect, Gemini’s are not so good with patience. When they can stick to the task, they perform admirably. When they skip too far ahead, they only increase the pressure on themselves and become vulnerable to criticism. They prefer our applause!

Gemini represents a multipart character (The Twins) able to thoroughly entertain us when they choose to. They are exciting to watch when in action and these scene stealers can be dramatic both on and off the stage. They can often vanish to ensure they are also entertained themselves!

Gemini’s are clever fast learners with acute insights into any issue presented. They can also be very self orientated and manipulative in order to win a worthwhile reward, so take note not to underestimate a Gemini in commerce. Beware the Gemini trickster especially, for them it is all about living life to the full. They can be quite creative! Most Gemini’s however are naturally friendly, honest, and sincere in their actions!

Gemini’s also have a natural ability to dance in and out of any situation. Not big on routine, they can move and sway to that something new on the horizon. They basically exercise their free spirit in order to enjoy. They may simply wish to enjoy a nicer life without always having to battle for it!

Gemini’s shine brightest with Good Karma when they are seductive, objective, affectionate and quirky!

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